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Warsop Women's Probus

Wow! our 3rd concert in 3 weeks was held at Warsop church for the Women's Probus. We performed our new concert repotoire and it was receved very well from the feedback we got. Well just one more to do in October, again at Warsop and then we start our Christmas singing:)

WI 100

What a great evening helping the WI to celebrate their 100 years in existance. We sang a mixture of 12 old and new songs, which was received with great applause. But what finished the evening very well was being treated to a meal by the WI. Now you cannot beat that.

A musical Extravaganza

What a fabulous night of music at Farndon Church. Starting off we had the Gentlemen, a male voice a cappella group. Singing a wide variety of songs and the sounds were great. This was followed by ourselves singing our new repotoire. The we had Elaine Webb singing 2 lovely operas for us. Followed by our own Janet Otter playing a lovely classical piano piece. An evening to remember. A pity it had to finish.

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