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Coffee morning

Hi everyone, What a very pleasant coffee morning we had at June's lovely home. It was a most generous offer June made and it was a successful social event for the choir. I think all there enjoyed the home made goodies and the quality chat. The brill raffle raised a good sum for choir funds and having won a pack of socks I shall be able to go out in public and divest myself of my shoes with impunity!!! A very happy and healthy New Year to everyone and all those you love. Jan. x.

2016 Christmas Music in Edwinstowe

Sitting here listening to Classic FM where every alternate piece of music is related to Christmas, I am reminded or even inspired to write a blog on our Concert for the website. Didn't we do well! I have heard nothing but favourable comments on my daily visits to the Village. I feel we all gave the 120% required by Ash and sang with the sensitivity, verve and gusto required for each piece. All the soloists were warmly applauded and well appreciated. I was sorely tempted to fill the little gap between The Carollers and Ash's solo while he removed his fancy dress outfit but fortunately I had left my tap shoes at home. Ash's violin solo was tremendous, requiring great digital dexterity powe

Recent Events

The Choir had two great outdoor sings in November The first one in Edwinstowe at the turning on of the Christmas Lights comprised of a good number of Christmas Carols, all sung A Cappella as Carol singing used to be in the great outdoors. Edwinstowe High Street was full of stalls, a lot of them charity stalls and hundreds of people walking up and down spending lots of money, but many stopped to listen to us and even join in. We were a welcome addition to the general ambience of the event. A lot of dedicated people work very hard to make sure of the seamless success that it is. The second sing at Thoresby Hall Courtyard was a little more ambitious music-wise as we had the keyboard with Jane

December Update

The Dukeries Singers We are well on the run up to Christmas with rehearsals resounding with Carols and Christmas songs. I am writing this on respite from the kitchen where I am up to the armpits in mixed spice, brandy and pounds of mixed fruit making my Christmas cakes. The Concert, with Les Baladins des Bords de L'Indre, the French Choir from near Tours, was a huge success. The music soared, the wine flowed and everyone had a good time. After the last piece of music of the evening, a joint performance by the two Choirs of Adoramus Te, we had a standing ovation!! A rare event but well deserved I feel. If you feel inspired to sing with us, do come along to rehearsal and give it a try and s

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