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June Update

The sun is shining beautifully today. Let's hope June is as flaming as it should be and we can all get out and top up our vitamin D levels. We recently delivered a cracking good concert at Tuxford Church. I think the Choir enjoyed the performance as much as the audience. Did you know that the toilet at St. Nicholas Church at Tuxford is twinned with a toilet in Kenya! Toilet twinning funds the work of the international relief and development agency Tearfund which helps deliver clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people. Now that's a wonderful charity you never expected to read about in this article. We do love to entertain and we do have plenty of av

May Update

Looking back at my article a year ago, I find that once again we are bathed in glorious sunshine and even more importantly Ash has been our Guide/Mentor/Musical Director for a year and is still as inspiring and enthusiastic as when he began with us. We enjoy our rehearsals under his leadership and Choir practise generally goes with a swing (literally.) We do enjoy some songs with a bit of syncopation! Another non-change is our encouragement to potential new members. You are welcome to come and sing with us for two or three weeks before deciding if you want to join. There is no necessity to read music and no audition, just a desire to make music together. I think singing ought to be inc

Tuxford Concert

The Choir delivered a cracking good Concert to a most appreciative audience. We sang well and the "Specials" were great too. Janet as usual wonderfully accompanied the vast majority of the music and Maureen expertly accompanied the soloists except for the Quartet. The Quartet, comprising of Penny, Margaret, Sandra and Vera sang John Rutter's lyrical "Look at the World." It was just lovely, they are a special foursome. Liz sang an outstanding "Panis Angelicus." The very first clear, pure note raised the hairs on the back of my neck and the rest of the piece was delivered just as beautifully. Sandra has played her clarinet in Concerts before but never with the outstanding quality she gave

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