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The Masonic Hall and The Alders Performances

This will be my last blog for this season. We have been so busy with our Christmas programmes, I think we are all deserving of a lie down in a dark room. The Carol Concert at the very impressive Masonic Hall in Mansfield was a first for the Masons they said, and from the appreciative comments afterwards it was a huge success. Ash encouraged the audience to join in and sing at will and the majority took him at his word and sang with enthusiasm. It was a very pleasant place to perform and we were made most welcome. It would be nice to pay a return visit. On the next evening we gathered at The Alders pub and restaurant at Ollerton roundabout. This was our second year of singing at this ve

Sherwood Forest Visitor centre

Taking a short respite from card delivering, wrapping, baking, and tree trimming, I am sitting and LISTENING to Carols on CD. We had a good number of Singers to entertain the visitors at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre yesterday. We had all turned up prepared for singing outdoors but instead we sang indoors and shed layers as necessary, apart from the poor souls next to the frequently opening door. We were short of a cable with a plug attached so the keyboard was surplus to requirements and we sang unaccompanied and that meant that Janet could have a good sing with the altos. I love to sing carols in harmony in such a way. It takes me back to my youth when we carolled all around the

Carol Service Sherwood Forest Crematorium

We had a good turn out for the Carol Service at the Crematorium with a harmonious spread across all the voice parts. I believe it was the first time the Staff had embarked on a Carol Service and they made us very welcome. They had put a lot of thought and effort into the event and deserved a larger attendance, but hopefully word of mouth will spread news of the event and promote more interest for another time. The service was conducted with great sensitivity and it was a very nice place to sing with great refreshments. Jan

Our Christmas Concert

We had a very full Jubilee Hall for our Concert on Saturday 8th December and wow did we entertain the audience! The compliments came thick and fast from all sides. Obviously Ash wasn't waving his arms around needlessly!! He does wave his arms with huge enthusiasm. His energy and ebullience transfers to the quoir and inspires us to give of our best. Two new talents were discovered in Gill and Dawn as they both delivered their solo pieces with confidence. Gill's funny "Politically Correct Christmas " raised smiles all around and Dawn's "Silent Night " narrative was a moving tribute to the fallen of the "Great War ." Our lovely quartet of ladies, Vera, Sandra, Margaret and Penny sang t

December Update

After a mild Autumn so far, I wonder if we shall have any of the deep and crisp and even stuff. A light dusting would accompany all our carol singing ..........but not the slippy stuff. Recovering from a broken wrist I'm considering deleting the previous sentence!!!! We have a variety of Christmas engagements to enable all to celebrate the season. Christmas begins with the Turning on of the Christmas Lights on Edwinstowe High Street on Thursday 29th November where we shall be carolling from 5-45pm. Our Festive calendar then is; Sunday 2nd. December 2018 Singing at Tuxford Christmas lights from 4-00pm. Saturday 8th. December 2018 The Dukeries Singers Annual Christmas C

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