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Farndon Concert

. I actually like going to Farndon. I'ts a very pleasant journey, the audience includes several old friends and the refreshments are delicious. We had a choir of 21 and soloists. Maureen provided all the superb accompaniment for all items except Ash's violin solo which he sorts out for himself. Sandra played clarinet beautifully and Grace and Cerys Williams each sang a solo and also a wonderful duet. They really are lovely young ladies and my word their voices have developed in all aspects. We were all well impressed with them and their pieces were well received. The choir was well appreciated which showed in the generous applause. Ash was his usual energetic and supportive leader and a

May Update

We've had a super Spring so far with very pleasant weather and swathes of glorious colour in gardens everywhere. Let's hope that May will be as kind weatherwise and as delightfully floriferous. We rehearse every Wednesday evening from 7-30pm. until 9-00pm. upstairs in the Theatre Refreshment area at the Dukeries Academy, Ollerton. This is best accessed via the Leisure Centre entrance and car park. We have two upcoming events; Sunday 28 April 2019 We have once again been asked to sing at the Ollerton St George's Day Festival. This is usually a fun family day. All we need is favourable weather to accompany our rousing songs. Saturday 18 May 2019 A Concert at Farndon Church

St George's Day Celebrations

We were invited to sing at the St. George's Day celebrations in Ollerton. We fielded a good sized choir and the event was really well supported. Our two sets of songs went well and we were applauded by the visitors. Ash was impressed by the sound we delivered, helped by the two microphones. I'm afraid 1 of us didn't realise that the mikes were live!! Say no more, but it did provide a bit of a giggle. Fortunately the sun shone so we were able to perform outdoors which was the intended plan and we all enjoyed singing in the (a bit) fresh air. I do hope we are invited to perform next year. It's a good ,fun work out performance. Well done to all who managed to be there. Jan

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