Farndon Concert

What a super evening we had at Farndon with a very appreciative audience. Thanks must go to Margaret for her faultless organisation and to her team of helpers. We have sung at Farndon for so many years we have developed strong ties and friendships and it is always a joy to return. Especially as the refreshments are so outstanding!

The GentleMen Singers were decidedly impressive. Their choice of songs was wonderful and so well suited to the audience including US! I think most of us could have joined in but perhaps not quite word perfect. The arrangements were fascinating and complicated but the GentleMen handled all the harmonies with professional ease and obvious enjoyment. What a treat to sit and watch such a performance, including of course Sandra's beautiful clarinet solo, the Prelude from the Victorian Kitchen Garden in the middle of their set.

We all enjoyed our half of the Concert. We do love to perform and delight our audiences​ and we gave them a very varied programme. Thanks must go to Ash for his choice of choir pieces and encouragement of soloists. He puts in so much of himself with his infectious enthusiasm, he inspires us to give of our best. The Farndon folk applauded all our choir items enthusiastically and were equally appreciative of all the soloists

The quartet of Margaret, Penny,Vera and Sandra. was augmented to a quintet with Barbara joining them to sing John Rutter's "Look at the World" beautifully.

Liz, a Farndon resident sang Gabriel Faure's. "Pie Jesu" a glorious rendition in a most suitable place. Faure's Requiem isn't full of fire and brimstone but is instead more joyful and hopeful.

Ash delighted everyone, choir included, with his performance of the Czardas by Vitorrio Monti. The piece calls for both pathos and exuberance and it is a joy to watch Ash deliver both. He plays with his soul.

I should also include both Janet and Maureen with their superb pianistic skills. Janet is our regular pianist but Maureen willingly "fills in"" when necessary. We as a choir are very fortunate in having two such talented women to accompany our efforts.

Both ladies are so generous with their time in rehearsing with all our soloists giving them much confidence in performance.

I did a doggy poem. by.......no idea,. found.........no idea either. but it raised a smile.

All in all a good night out, enjoyed by everyone,


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