The Alders

Hi everyone,

Well done to all the choir members who turned out for the two hour, half marathon at the Alders Pub/Restaurant on Saturday 9th. December. We thought it would perhaps be a long haul, but it was such a pleasant experience that the time passed really quickly.

We were tucked nicely into a cosy corner in an absolutely packed restaurant with quite a hum of conversation, but as soon as we began to sing, heads turned, glasses paused on way to mouths and cutlery hesitated. We were a hit!!! We were also in Pied Piper mode as we had several very enthusiastic children join us, especially for any carols requiring the use of bells!!.

All in all a successful gig, an appreciative audience, a pleased management, a warm venue and very nice comments from patrons. We have been offered a return visit for next year!!

Shame about Heather's puncture but sorted out satisfactorily.

Happy Christmas to all, mistletoe all round, Jan , x

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