Edwinstowe Christmas Concert

Hi Singers and supporters,

We had a cracking good Concert on Saturday 16 December and in the midst of Christmas preparations thought I would make a brief report on the event.

Apart from the excellent singing by the whole Choir, all the soloists gave sparkling performances.

The Ensemble, a highly talented foursome consisting of Penny, Margaret, Vera and Sandra sang two lovely Christmas songs by Greg Gilpin. "I see a Star" and "A Star dances, an Angel sings."

I wondered if we were starting a Greg Gilpin appreciation group as Ash's two gorgeous girls also sang a Greg Gilpin song, "Why we Sing," accompanied by Ash. It was quite obvious why they sing. They have lovely voices and gave a very confident performance and they even dressed in choir uniform too, very elegantly in black.

As well as being one of the Ensemble, Sandra, a woman of many talents, played a descant on clarinet to " O Come, O Come Emmanuel," and a real favourite of mine; a George Gershwin piece for clarinet, "Walking the Dog," accompanied by Ash, which was well appreciated by our audience and Choir.

Did you know that George Gershwin died from a brain tumour at the age of 38!!! and in that short time wrote masses of music of all genres; musicals, serious music and after teaming up with his lyricist brother, Ira Gershwin, many unforgettable songs.

One of our newer members, Heather, confidently sang a solo descant and also a solo carol, "Away in a Manger." Children in the School Choir always turned to stare at me during this carol to see if would cry! My elder daughter was born close to Christmas and this carol tends to make my eyes run!

Ash gave a violin solo, "All of me," a very accomplished jazz version of an old favourite. He even managed to slip in a snippet of a carol. His performances are always a joy.

Janet our pianist was as supportive as ever and no one would have known she was playing a borrowed keyboard that she saw briefly for the first time that afternoon!

And I educated all as I related a little known version of The Annunciation.

Our audience must be warmly congratulated on their participation in several carols. They were very enthusiastic and sang really well. I'm sure they enjoyed the whole concert. One of our best.

Ash conducted us in his usual exuberant fashion, he definitely gets the best from us, led by his 100% example. He has a wonderful rapport with his audience and demonstrates what fun and satisfaction can be extracted from singing with a happy choir.

The mostly home made refreshments were well up to our usual standards and plentiful. Our kitchen helpers must be thanked for their kind and efficient work, they are treasures.

In fact every one who helped in any way to make this annual "Do" such a success is to be congratulated on a "Good job, well Done!"

Happy Christmas and a Harmonious year to come.

Jan x

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