Farndon Concert

We fielded a good sized Choir for Farndon. We have so many friends and ex-singers from the area it's a tough job delivering all the hugs and kisses required, but one does one's best. It is such a pleasure to sing to such an appreciative audience.

The Concert programme certainly includes something for everyone and the audience is moved from a full blown lung buster to a delicate and thoughtful melody in a matter of minutes.

All the soloists gave wonderful performances. Our resident Ensemble delivered a beautiful John Rutter, (how I love his music,) and "The Rose," another favourite, such a shame Norman missed it he really likes that one too.

Sandra's clarinet solo "Walking the Dog" by George Gershwin was definitely on Classic FM level. I always compare her rendition favourably when other artists play it on Classic FM radio.

"When I Return" was further enhanced with Vera's lovely solo and Liz's "Panis Angelicussoared to the rafters in wonderful confidence and clarity.

Ash played "All of Me"............the old tune! to enthusiastic applause. He directed the Choir in his always full on and supportive way. He must lose pounds during the evening he puts so much effort into helping us give of our best.

Janet and Maureen played our new keyboard wonderfully. We are blessed to have two pianists of such quality to accompany us. And I found a last minute (the Wednesday before the concert) conversation to read.

The majority of the choir then found their way to Sandra and John's house where Sandra had promised "drinks and nibbles." They were the most comprehensive drinks and nibbles I have seen in a long time!! They had kindly provided a wonderful spread for us and a venue for chat and wind down time. Thank you so much.

See you all at rehearsal, Jan x

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