40TH Anniversary Concert Jubilee Hall

​Hi everyone

Well, what can I say about or 40th Anniversary Concert except that it was wonderful. We even had a founder member, David Reader, still singing with us and he was presented with a framed photograph of the Choir in all its present day glory.

The Choir sang really well and enjoyed singing in this new venue. The soloists performed in their usual confident and professional manner and were well served by our two talented pianists. The Gentlemen gave two terrific sets with their clever harmonies and added a different dimension to our celebrations.

We had chosen to try out the Jubilee Hall in anticipation of a larger audience and we were rewarded by a full Hall. Alison had done a great job of selling the Concert tickets. The Swan analogy applies to this very stressful job. Serenity on the surface but the feet going like the clappers underneath. The facilities in all areas are good especially the kitchen, with plenty of prep. space.

Huge thanks must be given to all the volunteers who gave freely of their time and efforts in order that the event moved smoothly from start to finish. The preparations for the Concert began weeks ago with posters, flyers, committee meetings both formal and informal and decisions about who would take on which responsibility. A last minute request for a Concert programme resulted in the lovely Pauline delivering a stack of very professional looking programmes on the day. Thanks to all the movers and shifters, lifters and carriers, on the Friday evening and after the Concert too. Thanks too to the buyers of soft and "hard" drinks, bakers, table coverers and servers and clearer-uppers, raffle donaters and refreshments were excellent and the raffle table full.

I understand that many Choir members have been congratulated on "The best concert yet!" Many thanks to Ash for preparing us so well and giving us the confidence to give a sparkling performance.

See you all at Milton Mausoleum..................................for the next Concert!!

Jan x

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