Sherwood Forest Visitor centre

Taking a short respite from card delivering, wrapping, baking, and tree trimming, I am sitting and LISTENING to Carols on CD.

We had a good number of Singers to entertain the visitors at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre yesterday. We had all turned up prepared for singing outdoors but instead we sang indoors and shed layers as necessary, apart from the poor souls next to the frequently opening door.

We were short of a cable with a plug attached so the keyboard was surplus to requirements and we sang unaccompanied and that meant that Janet could have a good sing with the altos. I love to sing carols in harmony in such a way. It takes me back to my youth when we carolled all around the district including an outlying farm where we were treated to Christmas cake and mince pies.

We had no such rewards, just appreciative applause and smiley faces.

We had many favourable comments about our presence there, the singing creates such a warm and festive atmosphere. This is the first Christmas for the new Visitor Centre. It was a nice place to sing and hope we will be invited to return.

Happy Christmas to all,


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