The Masonic Hall and The Alders Performances

This will be my last blog for this season. We have been so busy with our Christmas programmes, I think we are all deserving of a lie down in a dark room.

The Carol Concert at the very impressive Masonic Hall in Mansfield was a first for the Masons they said, and from the appreciative comments afterwards it was a huge success. Ash encouraged the audience to join in and sing at will and the majority took him at his word and sang with enthusiasm. It was a very pleasant place to perform and we were made most welcome. It would be nice to pay a return visit.

On the next evening we gathered at The Alders pub and restaurant at Ollerton roundabout. This was our second year of singing at this very popular venue and again we gave our all. Watching all the plates of delicious food being carried past us whilst we were singing was almost too much to bear at times but we all resisted until we had finished our set. Again our efforts were well appreciated. Not much applause, but of course it's a bit difficult with a knife and fork in hand. As it is a family friendly eatery there are usually several children there and they appear to really enjoy the carols. They would love to join in but shyness gets the better of them sometimes, despite them being word perfect!!! Perhaps some extra bells for "Jingle Bells ". would encourage them!!

A very happy Christmas and a really happy, healthy and harmonious year to follow.


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