The Dukeries Singers & Newstead Abbey Singers Together

After many years of planning, we ____The Dukeries Singers , and the Newstead Abbey Singers eventually found a date and venue that suited both parties and arranged a joint Concert.

It was terrific!!

. The Newstead Abbey Singers were only 13 in number but my word they made a powerful sound.

They sang all their pieces a cappella and I don't think they dropped even a semitone anywhere along the way. Under the skilled direction of Nick Thorpe they produced a programme of song ranging from early 16C until the present day. They are a very accomplished choir. Vicky Thorpe, accompanied by her husband Nick also played a very pretty flute solo.

The Dukeries Singers as always gave a varied programme of music. Along with our two soloists, Sandra and Ash and a selection of feel good songs our audience was delighted as usual.

The joint items when the two Choirs sang together were a big success. It's a joy to sing with a larger ensemble and the two Choirs responded with enthusiasm. Maureen accompanied the Dukeries Singers set and also played the piano for all the joint items.

I heard lots of appreciative comments on the buffet which we provided , so many thanks to all concerned with providing and serving the goodies.

I feel that all present at the Concert enjoyed a super evening of listening to and making music. There was truly something for everyone and all the comments I heard were really positive.

Jan x

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