Our Summer Concert

The best concert ever!!! was one of the complimentary comments at the end of our performance.

The concert went really well. We were well prepared by Ash and we all enjoyed taking part in the concert. It was a vey hot evening and fans were a necessary item.

Maureen accompanied all items for choir and soloists and handled her vast lengths of music with aplomb!

The Williams Sisters, Grace ad Cerys, both sang beautiful solos and a foot tapping duet of pop songs. Their voices have matured more every time we hear them. Sandra played Frensham Pond on clarinet. I've no idea what or where said pond is but it sounds delightful.

We had a first time duet from Ashley Argile on guitar and vocals and Ash Williams on violin. They played a "blue grass" version of Bob Dylan's "Wagon Wheels" or "Rock me Mama like a Wagon Wheel." It went down a storm with our audience who were most appreciative

of all our items. I particularly enjoyed "The Seal Lullaby." I swear I could feel a collective sigh and smile as well as applause after we had sung it.

Altogether a cracking evening of entertainment.


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