The music of Spring

We are now well into Spring. The seasons have always been the inspiration for composers and musicians, and Spring is no exception. To keep your musical taste buds satisfied, why not take a look at these songs composed with Spring in mind? If you have your own favourite, why not let us know on our Facebook page.

1 Antonio Vivaldi – Spring from The Four Seasons (1720)

The Four Seasons is the best known of Vivaldi’s works and possibly the best-known spring composition. Did you know that Vivaldi published poems alongside his music to give them more meaning?

2. “It Might as Well Be Spring” (1945)

"It might as well be Spring" is a song from the 1945 film State Fair. It won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for that year.

It was later recorded by many artists including Andy Williams, Nina Simone and Frank Sinatra.

3. "Spring Vacation" - The Beach Boys 2012

This song, that was allegedly written in just 5 minutes, expresses the anticipation that spring brings. The meeting up of friends who have been apart and forgetting the troubles of the past feature largely.

4. Spring Song - Felix Mendelssohn 1841

“Spring Song” was part of a series of works named “Songs without words”.

Mendelssohn said that some listeners felt music without words was unclear to them. Mendelssohn replied: “What the music I love expresses to me, is not too indefinite to put into words, but too definite.”

5. “Mr. Blue Sky” Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)1977

Jeff Lynne wrote “Mr Blue Sky” in a Swiss chalet after two weeks of writer’s block and gloomy weather. Suddenly, the Spring sun came out, shining brightly and hence "Mr. Blue Sky" was born.

6. Schumann – The Spring Symphony (No. 1, 1st movement) 1841

Schumann’s inspiration for this Spring symphony, was partly the poetry of the German writer Adolf Böttger, whose poems depicted springtime beautifully.

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